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How to Survive and Thrive During the Coming Hard Times
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Last Update: December 14, 2017

My goal isn't to alarm you. Instead I want to prepare you. Let's face it - we live in extremely uncertain times! The Military Industrial Complex seems bent on launching a new world war, the stock market has been flying high for far too long and even some of the most optimistic people on Wall Street are moving into gold. One thing is for sure - the years just ahead will be full of danger. .

And You Need to Be Ready For Whatever happens - BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!

You need to know how to be ready to survive and thrive when others are suffering and going hungry. Those who are aware of what's REALLY happening will be able to not only survive, but will be in a position to sail comfortably through the coming economic collapse without a worry. .

Are We Really In an Economic Recovery?

No. Instead our entire economy is tumbling into a deep economic depression that will last for at least a decade.

Consider the following:

- The real unemployment rate (the U-6 rate) is currently 9.7%. The figure the politicians love to quote is much lower because it completely ignores workers who have given up on finding a job. That number treats those workers as if they were never born!

- The U.S. national debt is now approaching 20 trillion dollars! That means each taxpayer owes over $165,000!

- A recent study found that 40% of Americans can't get their hands on $400 cash in a medical emergency!

- The manufacturing industry is at it's lower point in 26 years.

- 46 million Americans now live in poverty. Over 41 million Americans are now on food stamps. That means 1 in 5 homes are now on food stamps.

- 70% of us live paycheck to paycheck. 69% have less than $1,000 in total savings and 34% of our population have no savings at all!

- All over the country hospitals are going bankrupt due to the high cost of emergency room treatment of heroin and opiate overdoses.

- Home ownership is at a 52 year low despite mortgage interest rates being the lowest level ever!

- The average American is now struggling to pay off $55,081 in personal debt!

Does this sound like we're in an economic recovery? The only reason we're not seeing mass starvation is that the government is providing so many people with entitlement incomes. But with the explosive growth of government spending - how long can the government keep sending out all those checks?

I've spent years researching and compiling information on how the world's wealthiest people survive economic downturns such as the one we now face. Over the years they've come up with some incredibly clever ways to protect themselves and their families. Many of these clever tactics have never been revealed in books on on Internet sites, they're that secret. 

This kind of information is closely guarded and jealously protected. In most cases wealthy insiders keep their crisis survival tactics so secret, they only share them with their children. These are the most closely guarded financial secrets of them all - ingenious tools and strategies that have proven to work time and time again, but have rarely, if ever, been revealed to the general public.

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My guide is called "How to Survive and Thrive During the Coming Hard Times".

Let me be perfectly clear. You want this book! And you need it now to be ideally positioned to cruise through the economic crisis ahead without a worry. You'll learn little-known insider strategies that will protect yourself and your family and allow you to live like a king while the masses suffer terribly!

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All around the world rich clients are paying huge fees to advisors who can provide them with secret insider information like this. Others pay thousands to attend exclusive "invitation only" seminars and end up walking away with a tiny fraction of the information I reveal in my guide.

My  accountant thinks I should charge at least $300 for my extensive 127 page book given how enormously you can profit from it. And as the war and economic collapse draws near and demand surges (trust me, it's already happening) the book's price will certainly increase.

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